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FlyBoard of Montana
A jet propelled license to fun

Have you ever dreamed of flying like Iron Man or wanted to be able to swim like a dolphin?
Well now you can! You’re entering the realm of extreme sports and you “Adrenaline Junkies” can now get your fix!

Here it is: The FlyBoard®. This ingenious and deceptively simple device bolts on to the personal water craft (PWC) routing the water jet through a long hose that connects to a pair of jet boots and hand-held stabilizers. The arrangement lets you fly, Iron Man style, up to 30 feet in the air – or leap headfirst through the waves like a human dolphin.

Now you can achieve your ultimate dreams of flight in one extreme experience! Come try our jet propelled boards.

Flyboard® is at the cutting edge of extreme water sports and one of the most popular tourist attractions on Whitefish Lake, in Flathead Valley. Find your balance with this water powered board and you will be flying through the air like Iron Man or swimming like a dolphin in no time. The intuitiveness of the Flyboard®, along with the assistance of an instructor, has most people flying high in under 10 minutes. Flyboard® is for everybody, so come and experience Flyboard® for yourself today! Call or e-mail with age and size requirements.

After only 20 minutes in the water you could easily master basic flight control of your movements over the water. Some people may have a natural ability and a faster learning curve, but all will have a lot of fun during their first flight and it only gets better after each flight. Most people have found that they are more then twice as good on their second flight.

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What you should bring to your flight:
1) Swim attire – Everyone (male and female) is required to wear shorts.
2) Towel(s).
3) Dry Clothes to change into.
4) Liability Statement signed with a picture ID.

  • $150.00 per 30 minute flight
  • $250.00 per 1 hour flight
  • $750.00 per 4 hours (Half Day)
  • $1500.00 per 8 hours (Full Day)
Appropriate Ages for Participants

There is no age limit but riders must weight at least 100 pounds.

Skill Level Required

It is very easy. Most people after 5-10 minutes are being propelled out of the water on the fly board. The learning curve is small with instruction from our awesome guides, you will be flying in no time.


Anyone can pilot the Flyboard® with about 10 minutes of instruction and training. Flyboard® is easy to operate and just takes a little bit of courage and adventurous spirit. Learning to operate the Flyboard® is much easier than you might think.

Child Friendly
More Information

Days of operation:

  • Open All Days of the Week
  • 9am-9pm

Flyboard locations on Whitefish & Flathead Lake, Lakeside, Bigfork and Polson Montana.


City Beach, Whitefish, MT 59937

Latitude: 48.428485000
Longitude: -114.348213000
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