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Hugh Rogers WAG Dog Park
Voted top 10 dog Park by USA Today!

The Hugh Rogers Wag Park aims to: Enable dogs to legally run off-leash in a fenced area. Allow socialization and exercise of dogs (and people) in a safe environment. Provide physically challenged dog owners an accessible place to exercise with their canine companions. Reduce impact from loose dogs on wildlife and habitat. Promote an environment for effective enforcement of dog control laws. Reduce the need to drive to outlying areas to exercise dogs

The City of Whitefish and WAG (Whitefish Animal Group) welcome you to Hugh Rogers WAG Park. The park is free to the public, and welcomes all responsible users. Hugh Rogers Wag Park is named in the honor of the beloved Whitefish veterinarian who died in a plane crash in April 2009. WAG is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and will continue to raise funds and provide leadership for future improvements to the park. All donations through WAG are tax-deductible.

More About this Park

After a four year public/private collaboration, the Flathead Valley has its first off-leash dog park, and it is a major success. The dream was realized on June 20th, 2009, when the bullpen gates officially opened at Hugh Rogers Wag Park located in the Armory Park complex in Whitefish. The five acre park features fully accessible paths, benches, a multiple drinking fountains for dogs and people, a message center, and lots of open space for play.

The mission of W.A.G. (Whitefish Animal Group) is to promote responsible dog ownership and to establish a safe, legal, fenced off-leash dog park for Whitefish. WAG park is an ongoing collaboration between community and city governance. Hugh Rogers WAG Park is owned by the City of Whitefish and managed in cooperation with WAG. WAG is comprised of 15 dedicated volunteers who are passionate about dogs and the community. WAG volunteers believe dogs simply make communities a better place to live.

Park Facilities & Amenities

The non-profit Whitefish Animal Group known as WAG led an effort to locate the best available space, create a safe and user-friendly design, raise all necessary funds, and work through public processes and City requirements to make the park a reality for our community and visitors. The Whitefish Parks and Recreation Department worked enthusiastically with WAG every step of the way. The Park Board and Whitefish City Council were involved throughout the project and gave their approval to this major component of the greater Armory Park Master Plan.

The park is free to the public, and welcomes all responsible users. It is owned and maintained by the City of Whitefish, with WAG acting in an advisory capacity. WAG will continue to raise funds and provide leadership for future improvements. All donations through WAG are tax-deductible.

Recent improvements to the park thanks to the communities generous donations have been: a community pavilion, additional paved pathways, the addition of an agility course, a small dog area and trees.

Future planned improvements include the addition of a pond and dog beach. We would also like to add additional seating throughout the park and more trees.

The City of Whitefish and WAG welcome you to Hugh Rogers Wag Park, named in the honor of the beloved Whitefish veterinarian who died in a plane crash in April 2009.

Park Highlights

The five acre park is a recreational mecca for pooches and people alike. The parks boasts stunning views of surrounding mountains, passing trains and wide open space for lots of play. Through generous donations the park features; fully accessible paved paths, benches, a drinking fountain for dogs and people, community pavilion, small dog area, agility course, pond and dog beach, dog wash station and trees.



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862 7760

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Located east of Whitefish off Second Street near the ball fields.


P.O. Box 1690, Whitefish, MT 59937

Latitude: 48.410460000
Longitude: -114.309225000
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