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Mountain goats at Logan Pass, Glacier National Park Photo © iStock / stellalevi  <  || >
Mountain biking the Whitefish Trail Photo © ChuckHaney.com  <  || >
Fall brings beautiful colors and early mountain snowfalls. Photo © ChuckHaney.com  <  || >
Whitefish lake Golf Course Photo © Brian Schott  <  || >
Chuck Haney Photography
Fine Landscape Photography

Chuck is a local professional photographer with years of experience teaching, shooting assignments and working with publishers. Chuck just has had numerous photography books published. For more information or subscribe to Chuck's monthly newsletter, go to www.chuckhaney.com

Whitefish Winter Dusk
2016 Photography workshops
Spencer Lake
Why I Ride!
Whitefish Lake
Wildflowers at Logan Pass
Whitefish River
More About this Business

Chuck is a freelance photographer/writer based in beautiful Whitefish, Montana. In pursuit of interesting subjects to photograph, Chuck travels most often in the West and Midwest of the U.S. and Canada. His landscapes, agriculture and outdoor sports photos/articles have been published in numerous national and regional publications, calendars, books and advertising campaigns. In addition, Chuck works on a regular basis with many of the country's leading publications doing assignment projects.

Chuck photographs things he enjoys passionately doing; such as hiking, bicycling and canoeing. Chuck spent the first twenty years of his life on an Ohio farm. That rural upbringing brought forth a distinct insight and appreciation for the land. Wild landscapes and agriculture are just two examples of the wide and varied scope of Chuck's stock files.

More Information
406 862 0521

2016 Photography Workshop schedule; http://www.chuckhaney.com/workshops/

From dramatic landscapes brimming with wildflowers, roaring waterfalls surrounded by golden autumn colors, to the human elements of cityscapes and architecture, I’ve purposefully designed my workshops so there is something for everyone. I’ve put together another exciting photo workshop schedule for 2016, from the deserts of Arizona to Montana to Michigan, with several new locations and a few good old standards.


606 Pine Pl, Whitefish, MT 59937

Latitude: 48.420502000
Longitude: -114.343232000
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